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10-Yr-Old Asks G’pa To Dance In Recital, Crowd Loses It When They See What He Does At The End


10-Yr-Old Asks G’pa To Dance In Recital, Crowd Loses It When They See What He Does At The End

The pair was invited to dance on Good Morning America

Most grandparents will tell you that if a grandchild asks them to do something, it is nearly impossible to say no!

So when 72-year-old Bill Jones’s 10-year-old granddaughter, Maeve, asked him to do a duet with her at her tap dance recital this summer, he happily agreed.

The pair practiced together for an hour each week at Maeve’s dance school, the From the Top Dance Center in Reading, Massachusetts. While some of the steps were hard to remember, Bill loved every second he got to work with Maeve, and Maeve felt the same.

“It’s crazy,” Maeve said. “My mom says my grandfather loves to dance, and I asked him if he wanted to do a tap duel with me, and we did it. And it’s amazing.”

Finally, the big day came and the pair took the stage. The audience was loving their adorable routine to Anna Kendrick’s “Cups,” but it’s what Bill did at the end that really left the crowd in awe!

Bill proved there is truly nothing he wouldn’t do for Maeve when he ended the performance with a cartwheel! People much younger than he wouldn’t even be able to pull that off, but he did it with aplomb!

The sweet video of the duet has quickly gone viral, racking up millions of views in just a few days!

People all over the country and the world have been touched by the sweet bond Bill and Maeve clearly share.

“That is not only a wonderful Grandfather, but an extremely talented one,” Kathie Sorge Sandy commented. “That young lady is very blessed to have him in her life. Obviously he’s involved and invested in her!”

“Yes, he’s an incredible grandfather and she’s lucky to have him,” Katie Danny Franzmeyer agreed, “but she’s pretty special to ask her grandfather. So many kids these days would have skipped asking family to dance with a friend (which is also nice), but I think it’s special of her to ask him!!!”

So many people have fallen in love with Bill and Maeve that they were even invited to dance on Good Morning America!

What a special way for this grandfather and granddaughter to bond and spend time together! We know they are making sweet memories that will last for the rest of their lives!

Were you impressed with Bill and Maeve’s performance as much as we were? Then share it!

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