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12-Yr-Old In Coma After Getting Trapped Underwater. Then Mom Looks Over, Knows It’s A Miracle


12-Yr-Old In Coma After Getting Trapped Underwater. Then Mom Looks Over, Knows It’s A Miracle

‘It’s just a miracle I think’

It was supposed to be a fun day at the pool for 12-year-old Evan Pappas and his friend. The boys were swimming in the lazy river at the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, having the time of their lives.

But soon, that blissful afternoon would turn into a nightmare.

When a piece of Evan’s friend’s goggles broke off and fell under a grate on the floor of the pool, Evan dove down to retrieve it. The boys managed to remove the grate covering the drainage pipe and Evan swam close to find the missing piece.

That’s when something terrifying happened – he got sucked in.

Evan was swimming in just three feet of water, but as the pipe sucked his leg down, he was unable to catch a breath.

Several onlookers rushed over and tried to pry Evan out of the water, but he was stuck. By the time police arrived and managed to get Evan free, he had been underwater for seven minutes and 40 seconds.

Evan was lifeless when they pulled him out of the water. Officers performed CPR and were able to revive him, but he was placed in a medically induced coma and put on a ventilator at the hospital.

Doctors didn’t know if he would ever wake up. If he did, he might suffer irreversible brain damage.

Evan’s mom, Alyssa, couldn’t do anything for her son except beg God for a miracle. Soon, she got one.

Amazingly, Evan came out of his coma and appears to be doing okay. Now, just over a month after the traumatizing ordeal, Evan has returned to school!

Alyssa knows there’s only one explanation for Evan’s miraculous recovery:

“I know that so many people prayed for him,” she said. “It’s just a miracle I think.”

Evan will have to be continually monitored for potential brain damage, but the family is hopeful he will continue to live a happy and healthy life.

“It’s kind of a waiting game to wait and see how he heals and how quickly it happens,” Alyssa said.

We wish Evan the best in his recovery. He has been through so much, but his life is proof that miracles still happen!

Will you join us in praying for Evan’s continued recovery? Then share it!

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