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99-Yr-Old Walks 6 Miles Every Day To Share 1 Special Moment With Sick Wife


99-Yr-Old Walks 6 Miles Every Day To Share 1 Special Moment With Sick Wife

“My cup of tea”

When Luther Younger met Waverlee in a laundromat in the 1960s, he knew it was meant to be. The two have been married for over 55 years!

Luther, a former Marine who fought in the Korean War, credits Waverlee with pushing him to work hard and provide for their family, and he loves her immensely for it.

When Waverlee was diagnosed with a brain tumor, doctors only gave her five years to live. But that was nine years ago.

Waverlee has defied the odds and continues to fight, but the journey has not always been an easy one. She has had to make many trips to the hospital, and sometimes her stays last for months at a time.

But Luther is not about to let Waverlee fight alone.

Luther doesn’t have a car and he lives about three miles away from the hospital, but he has not let that get in the way of seeing his beloved. At 99 years old, he still goes to visit her every single day, walking the six miles there and back no matter what the weather!

The incredible retired Marine has become somewhat of a celebrity in his town and people often stop to talk to him. Some even offer him a ride, but Luther says he prefers to walk so he can spend the time thinking about Waverlee.

As soon as he gets to the hospital, he gives Waverlee a sweet kiss. He says she is “my cup of tea. And it’s sweet, too.”

If you would like to help support this sweet and inspiring couple, Luther and Waverlee’s daughter, Lutheta, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Waverlee’s hospital expenses.

Were you touched by the love Luther has for Waverlee? Then share it!

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