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Boy With Spina Bifida Never Able To Walk On Own, Has Best Reaction When Dog Sees 1st Steps


Boy With Spina Bifida Never Able To Walk On Own, Has Best Reaction When Dog Sees 1st Steps

“Look, Maggie!”

Get ready, because this is one of the sweetest things you’ll see all week!

Little Roman Dinkel was born with spina bifida, which means that his spine didn’t fully seal when he was in the womb. The condition can cause a number of problems for developing children, including making walking a struggle.

The two-year-old is a champ and has never let his disability get the better of him. Up to this point, he has used a special walker or needed extra assistance to walk, but recently he was given a pair of forearm crutches – or sticks, as his family calls them – that let him move around on his own.

The sticks took a little getting used to, but the determined tot soon got the hang of it and couldn’t wait to show off his latest achievement.

His parents, who have been documenting his progress on the Facebook page Defying Odds: Roman’s Journey, captured the sweet moment Roman showed their dog, Maggie, his new “trick,” and the video has absolutely exploded, capturing millions of hearts all over the world!

It’s not hard to see why so many people have been inspired by this sweet and determined little boy! Thousands have written in saying how his positivity and courage have encouraged them to keep pressing forward in their own difficulties and challenges.

I walking Maggie, part 2….”hi guys”

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Life may have thrown some obstacles in this little boy’s way, but Roman is not going to let any of them keep him down for long! We can’t wait to see what amazing things he does next!

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