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Couple Forced To Separate Because Of Racism. 45 Years Later They’re Reunited


Couple Forced To Separate Because Of Racism. 45 Years Later They’re Reunited

“It was that dream you just never thought would come true”

It was almost 50 years ago when Howard Foster and Myra Clark first met. The two attended high school together in Columbus, Ohio, and their connection was undeniable.

The pair was so happy together and would talk on the phone into the wee hours of the morning. They dreamed about what their future might look like.

But there was one thing holding them back: Howard was black while Myra was white. In the late 60s, interracial dating was not looked too kindly on.

After graduation, Howard went on to college, but he experienced racism from his professors and, no matter how well he did on an assignment, his professors would give him no higher than a “D.” He knew he couldn’t subject Myra to the same hate and prejudice and began to rethink their relationship.

“Society wasn’t going to let us be together and she be happy,” Howard said. “I just thought it was unfair to her. Her happiness was the most important thing.”

Even though it broke his heart, Howard decided the best thing to do would be to break off the relationship.

The couple said goodbye and embraced one last time before walking away. As they did so, Myra recalls turning around and seeing that Howard had turned back at the exact same moment. The pair gave each other a sad wave, turned back around, and walked away.

Myra says she remembers thinking that wave meant, “I’ll see you later.” She had no idea how right she was.

As the years passed, Myra and Howard went on to live their own lives. Myra never married; Howard did, but got divorced. Despite it all, neither of them could forget the other or the special love they had shared.

Then, in 2013, a mutual friend reconnected them. When the pair met up again at a local park it had been 45 years since they had seen each other, but it was as if no time had passed at all. They sat at a picnic table holding hands as if the years in between had never happened.

“It was that dream you just never thought would come true… There she was,” Howard said.

Two years later, they decided to do what they had once thought impossible: they got married!

Though now in their 60s, Howard and Myra are the happiest they have ever been and their love for each other shines through their faces!

“We enjoy each other; we really enjoy each other,” Howard said. “I walked away once; I was not going to walk away again.”

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