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Dad Has Hilarious Message For Santa After 2-Yr-Old Leaves Him To ‘Babysit’


Dad Has Hilarious Message For Santa After 2-Yr-Old Leaves Him To ‘Babysit’

‘Ummmmm, Santa…’

Oh, the things we will do for our kids!

As single adults, there are all kinds of things we say we will never do. But once your kids come along and look up at you with their big, pleading eyes, you find yourself doing the very things you swore you wouldn’t.

Brandon Lewis knows this fact very well. His two-year-old daughter had quite the exciting Christmas. She got some new babydolls and a doctor’s kit so she can give them check-ups.

She was having so much fun rocking her babies and taking care of them, but then she decided she wanted to try out some of her other toys.

Like any good mother, she made sure her kids would be well taken care of while she was gone. That’s where her dad came in.

Brandon posted a hilarious photo of himself with three dolls in his arms next to a photo of his daughter dancing in “the club” (her new tent) along to the Trolls movie soundtrack.

“Ummmmm Santa🎅 come get ya grand kids.. 😕” Brandon wrote. “I didn’t ask for these kids. Now I’m babysitting while my 2 year old in the club footwork’n to the trolls soundtrack.”

Parents all over laughed right along with Brandon, and many shared their own similar experiences.

“Try taking care of my new grand monkey,” Erica Serrato laughed. “I had to take her shopping with us today!”

“Took my granddaughter on vacation with us over the summer,” Erika Murray-Shambaugh commiserated. “I needed to run into town for a few groceries. She was staying behind to go to the pool with the big kids and I had to babysit her puppy. She told me make sure she wears her seat belt and sits in the cart. Off to market we went.”

“I had to babysit ‘my granddaughter’ just last week,” Alissa Bakker laughed. “(It was a tissue box with a face drawn on it 🤦‍♀️)”

“A few months ago I stopped to fill my car I and told my daughter to stay in the car. Not one minute later my daughter gets out and walks around the car to ‘check on me,'” Shalamar Treseder shared. “We finish pumping gas and go to get in the car and the doors are lock, with my keys and phone in the car. I was like why did you lock the car? We were right here. ‘ well you didn’t want you granddaughter( her American girl doll) stolen did you’?”

These stories are so funny because we can all relate. That’s our job as parents – to go above and beyond for our kids and help further their imaginations and dreams.

One thing’s for sure, though: parenthood gives you lots of good stories to tell!

Can you relate to Brandon’s funny post – or the stories from these other parents? Then share it!

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