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Doctor Gasps When Mom Goes In For Ultrasound, Says Odds Are 1 In 7 Million


Doctor Gasps When Mom Goes In For Ultrasound, Says Odds Are 1 In 7 Million

Even the doctor could hardly believe what he was seeing!

Alexandra Kinova and Antonin Kroscen already had one child, but they were excited for their family to grow. When Alexandra found out she was pregnant again, the young Czech couple was overjoyed.

When she went in to have an ultrasound, she was in for a surprise – the doctor told her she was expecting twins!

Happy for their double blessing, Alexandra and Antonin began to make plans and preparations for the babies to be born.

Little did they know they were in for an even bigger surprise…

When Alexandra went in for another ultrasound to check on the babies, the doctors couldn’t believe their eyes. It appeared that two other babies had been hiding behind the first two. They were expecting quadruplets!

But the surprises weren’t over yet!

As the pair tried to wrap their minds around raising four babies, doctors gave them some more shocking news. During another ultrasound, they found another baby hiding.

Alexandra and Antonin were expecting quintuplets!

While both of the parents have a history of twins in their families and knew their chance of having multiples was higher, they never expected to have five! The chances of Alexandra conceiving quintuplets naturally was just one in seven million!

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” the 23-year-old mom said.

Thankfully, she had a few more months to try to prepare herself mentally and physically for giving birth to and raising five babies all at once.

As the day of their birth drew near, it was clear Alexandra was ready.

“I very much look forward to seeing how they will look,” she said. “It’s a great charm, but we cannot see anything properly – only a head or legs.”

When it was time for the babies to be born, a team of almost 40 doctors and midwives helped with the delivery.

Antonin barely made it to the birth on time as his train was delayed, but thankfully he made it and was able to see all five of his children come into the world!

“I was crying all the way since I feared I would not manage it,” he said.

Amazingly, there were no complications during the delivery and, though both Alexandra and the babies were placed in intensive care afterward, doctors said they were all in good condition and the babies have a 95 percent chance of growing up completely healthy.

Now the couple has five new, adorable blessings – sons Deniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin and daughter Tereza.

The quintuplets’ birth marked a historic day in the Czech Republic. This was the first recorded birth of quintuplets ever!

“In our country (birth) statistics have been recorded since 1949 and there’s no mention of quintuplets,” said doctor Alena Mechurova. “In the Czech Republic quintuplets are born on average once every 480 years.”

What an amazing story and a happy ending for this beautiful family!

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