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Doctor Starts Filming Newborn Twins. Their Next Move Sends Chills Up His Spine


Doctor Starts Filming Newborn Twins. Their Next Move Sends Chills Up His Spine

“In tears and joy, always together!”

There is a special bond between twins that seems to defy explanation. Even when twins are separated at birth, they have often been found to grow up having the same tastes and even pursuing similar careers.

This special bonding begins in the womb and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho is quite familiar with the unique relationship between twins. The Brazilian-based fertility specialist founded an assisted reproduction clinic called Mater Prime which has multiple locations in the São Paulo area.

Due to his line of work, he sees multiple births pretty regularly, but recently he shared a video on his Instagram page of a moment that took even his breath away.

A set of twins had just entered the world and, as most newborns do, were crying as they were confronted with their new environment. But while newborns are usually comforted by their mothers or the nurses in the room, these sweet babies began to comfort each other.


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No choro e na alegria, sempre juntos! Por isso amo gêmeos!! #gemeos #vamospovoaromundo

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“In tears and joy, always together!” a translation of the caption reads.

It’s clear these two already have a very sweet and strong bond. We know they are going to have each other’s backs as they grow up together!

What a precious moment! And how lucky we are to get to witness it!

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