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Doctors Send Daughter Home To Die. Then She Opens Eyes, Says Name Of One Who Healed Her


Doctors Send Daughter Home To Die. Then She Opens Eyes, Says Name Of One Who Healed Her

Doctors told her parents she wasn’t going to make it

When Jamie Backenhaster went back to her daughter Brittany’s room one day, she had no idea their entire world was about to change.

She found her young daughter lying on the floor, gurgling noises coming out of her throat. She seemed to be having trouble breathing.

Jamie quickly picked her daughter up to comfort her. She begged God to heal whatever was going on with Brittany.

When they got to the hospital, Jamie’s fears were confirmed. Brittany had suffered a grand mal seizure and doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy, a condition Jamie also had.

“I understood it because I had it myself,” Jamie said.

She thought that, like her, Brittany would just need some medication and then go on to live a normal life. But Brittany’s condition ended up being harder to treat.

Doctors tried many different medications, but none of them worked. Brittany continued to have seizures every day and had to start wearing a helmet to protect her head when she fell.

Jamie was in agony watching her daughter suffer.

“As a mother, you feel so responsible, they’re your flesh, they’ve lived in you,” she said. “And when she would pull at me to help her and I couldn’t…I blamed myself a lot. I gave my daughter this sickness.”

Eventually, things got so bad that Brittany could no longer sit up. Soon, she became completely unresponsive.

For two years this battle against her epilepsy continued, leaving her family emotionally, physically, and financially drained, but nothing got better.

Finally, doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

Heartbroken, Brittany’s parents turned to God for peace in the midst of their horrific situation. They knew they would soon have to say goodbye to their little girl.

As Jamie prayed and read her Bible, God seemed to be speaking directly to her:

“Don’t look at what you see, look at what you don’t see. Tell me and speak what you want.”

And that’s what she did. She drove by a school playground and watched the children running around and playing. She told God she wanted her daughter to be able to do that again.

Soon after that, Brittany hit her worst point yet. Her brain was in complete seizure and doctors said there was no hope.

But then, when all seemed lost, something happened that left both the doctors and Brittany’s family stunned.

She opened her eyes!

As she did so, she began to say one name over and over. “Jesus,” she said. “Jesus.”

Against any explanation, doctors discovered that Brittany had been completely healed. Her brain was clear of seizures.

Jamie knew Jesus had healed her little girl.

The family was overjoyed to have Brittany back. Then something else happened that left them completely floored.

Watch the video below to see what other miracle the family experienced.

Today, both Jamie and Brittany are completely healthy and seizure-free! What an incredible miracle!

“I had heard from God, and God kept his promise,” Jamie said. “And he will. And he does.”

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