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Dog Keeps Whining And Nudging Pregnant Mom’s Belly. Doctors Say She Saved Her – And Baby’s – Life


Dog Keeps Whining And Nudging Pregnant Mom’s Belly. Doctors Say She Saved Her – And Baby’s – Life

She would nudge her belly and cry

Dogs are truly amazing animals. Not only are they loyal and loving, but they also seem to have a sixth sense about things and are able to warn people before bad things happen.

There are specially trained dogs who can alert their owners when they are about to have a seizure or when their blood sugar is too high, but American Akita Keola didn’t need any special training when it came to saving her human’s life.

When Keola’s owner, Alhanna Butler, found out she was pregnant, she and her fiancé, Ricky, were overjoyed. Everything seemed to be normal except for some sharp pains she kept getting in her lower back, but her doctor said they were just a side effect of pregnancy and nothing to worry about.

Alhanna went home and carried on as normal, but she began to notice that Keola was acting strangely. The dog would just stare at her and always had to be very close to her. When Alhanna left for work, Keola would freak out, which she had never done before.

Pretty soon, Keola began to cry and nudge Alhanna’s belly. That’s when Alhanna decided she should get checked out.

She went to the hospital and was soon rushed to the intensive care unit. It turned out Alhanna had a rare double kidney infection and an antibiotic-resistant bug that was slowly killing her. Doctors told her that if she had gone any longer without medical treatment, both she and her baby would have died.

Alhanna couldn’t believe it. She didn’t even feel sick, but Keola knew that she was in danger and had the sense to warn Alhanna before it was too late.

Thanks to this heroic dog, Alhanna’s son, Lincoln, was born just a few months later. Both mom and son are healthy and fine.

Lincoln and Keola developed a strong bond right away and the two of them are still the best of friends.

Alhanna and her family will forever be grateful to Keola for saving their lives.

What an amazing hero!

Were you amazed that Keola was able to detect what was wrong with Alhanna and warn her before it was too late? Then share it! 

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