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Elderly Woman Wanders Confused And Freezing On Highway, Then Teen Rolls Up Behind Her


Elderly Woman Wanders Confused And Freezing On Highway, Then Teen Rolls Up Behind Her

“She looked very confused. She looked like she was in need.”

In this day and age, we hear way too many stories of people stopping to help someone on the side of the road only to find out later that it was part of a trap to hurt or rob them. These stories make us distrusting of strangers’ motives and it’s no surprise that many people are wary of helping people they don’t know.

Sadly, that often means that when someone really does need help, they are left to fend for themselves.

That’s what happened to 87-year-old Laura Farr.

Laura was trying to visit her grandchildren and had gotten a ride to their house, but when she got out of the car she got disoriented and confused and kept walking.

It was a freezing New York day and Laura was shivering as she wandered two miles down the Staten Island Expressway trying to get her bearings, but no one stopped to help her or even ask if she was okay.

That is until 17-year-old Eric Roman pulled up behind her.

The teen, who plans to one day join the NYPD, saw Laura shivering in the cold and knew he couldn’t just keep driving.

“She looked very confused. She looked like she was in need,” he said. “I wasn’t just going to let her drive by and let something happen.”

Laura recalled the moment her knight and shining armor pulled up.

“My body was shaking,” she said. “He says, ‘Sit down, I don’t want you to fall.'”

Eric called for an ambulance and then sat with Laura as they waited for it to arrive. When emergency personnel arrived, Laura was afraid to get in the ambulance, but Eric held her hand and promised that he would meet her at the hospital.

“I’ll hold your hand when you go in the ambulance,” he told her. “Just let them take you, check you out.”

And he kept his word. A little while later, Laura was at the hospital, her family by her bedside, when Eric walked in the room.

“When he came in he called her name and she goes, ‘That’s the boy. That’s the boy who helped me,’” Farr’s daughter, Roselyn Abraham, said.

She added that Eric continues to make her mom smile and has promised to continue keeping her safe.

What an incredible and inspirational young man! He says he wants to be one of “New York’s finest,” but we think he already is!

We all have a little good inside us. Share it today!

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