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Family Gathers Around Brother With Cancer. When He Starts To Sing There’s Not A Dry Eye In The Room


Family Gathers Around Brother With Cancer. When He Starts To Sing There’s Not A Dry Eye In The Room

All of his loved ones were gathered around him

When Marc Wright, a firefighter from Columbia, Missouri, was first diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago, it was a devastating blow. He bravely fought against his cancer and it seemed like he had beat it, but it came back again…and again…and again.

Now Marc is battling his fourth cancer diagnosis, and this time it has spread to his liver, lung, and lymph nodes.

Marc has had to endure grueling treatments, including two surgeries and innumerable rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Through it all, though, he has remained positive and upbeat. His strong faith and his close-knit family and community have helped keep him going when the battle was too difficult to fight alone.

Recently, a group of Marc’s loved ones came to visit him in the hospital.

Marc is sick and weak, but he continues to fight bravely against the cancer that is trying to take his life. As the group sat with him, Marc began to sing Garth Brooks’ poignant hit “The Dance,” and pretty soon the entire room was in tears as they listened to the heart-wrenching words.

The lyrics beautifully capture the sadness and pain, but also the joy, that have accompanied this difficult journey.

The song speaks of a dance the singer shared with someone long ago and how everything in the world felt right at that moment. He says he’s glad he didn’t know they would eventually say goodbye because he might have tried to avoid the pain, but doing so would have meant missing the beauty as well.

For a moment all the world was right 
How could I have known you’d ever say goodbye 
And now I’m glad I didn’t know 
The way it all would end, the way it all would go 
Our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain 
But I’d have to miss the dance 

Marc’s sister, Michele, captured the sad but beautiful moment on camera and it has since gone viral. People all over the world have been touched by Marc’s bravery and his beautiful message of beauty in pain.

Several of Marc’s close firefighter friends have started a fundraiser to try to make some of his dreams come true. Marc has always wanted to visit New York City and do a ride-along with FDNY’s Rescue-1. He also wants to visit the 9/11 Memorial.

“We feel this is the least that we can do for a man who has dedicated so many years of his life to protecting his community and saving lives,” they wrote on a GoFundMe page they have set up for Marc.

If you would like to contribute to help make Marc’s dream come true, you can do so here. Additional proceeds will be donated to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and SafetyNet of Missouri.

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