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G’ma Panics When Toddler Goes Missing. 2 Days Later Sees Movement, Realizes She’s Not Alone


G’ma Panics When Toddler Goes Missing. 2 Days Later Sees Movement, Realizes She’s Not Alone

‘This is our hero right here’

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One second things are going great and you don’t have a care in the world, and the next it feels like everything is going haywire.

That’s what Beth Campbell discovered when she realized her two-year-old granddaughter, Charlee, was missing last week.

Charlee lives with Beth and they were at their home in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, when Beth noticed the toddler was nowhere to be found.

In a panic, Beth called the police who sent out search crews. For two days, teams combed the woods around Beth’s house, but they didn’t find anything.

Beth was close to losing hope except for one thing: her dog, Penny, had gone missing at the same time Charlee did. Beth hoped and prayed Penny was protecting her little granddaughter, but she feared the worst.

Two days later, their neighbor, Wayne Brown, was sitting at home praying for Charlee’s safe return when he happened to look out and saw a blonde-haired girl in his backyard. He could hardly believe what he was seeing – it was Charlee!

Wayne immediately alerted authorities who were able to take the little girl to her family.

The Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office shared the remarkable story on their Facebook page:

“Charlee’s amazing survival story continued tonight when she walked up on a porch on Roy Layne Road this evening.

“The homeowners realized who she was and contacted authorities. She has no obvious serious injuries but did appear dehydrated and had some tick bites.”

Amazingly, at around the same time Wayne found Charlee, Penny returned to Beth’s house. It was as if she knew her charge was safe and in good hands and her job was done.

Beth was shocked and overjoyed that Charlee (whom she calls Mo) had been found alive, and she was even more amazed that Penny had stuck by her side the entire time.

“Whenever they told me that they had found Mo – Charlee – I was just outside of myself. I was just so happy,” she said. “When my dog didn’t come home, and my baby wasn’t home – she was not going to leave that baby until she got here. This is our hero right here.”

Beth said she plans to put Penny on a diet of hamburgers to thank her for taking care of Charlee.

For Wayne, finding Charlee was a relief, but it also brought back a flood of painful memories.

“My little brother went missing,” he recalled. “He’d wandered away from the home and he had climbed three fences. They found him miles away from the house. It was actually my uncle that found him and he was dead.”

Charlee was taken to the hospital to get checked out and recover after her traumatic ordeal. Her family shared that she is doing okay and will hopefully be able to go home soon.

This story could have had a tragic ending, but thanks to Penny’s bravery and good instincts, Charlee is back with her family, safe and sound!

What a good girl!

Do you agree that Penny is a hero? Then share her story! 

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