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Lady Gaga Flees Home In Face Of Fire, Then Firefighters See Her Coming Back With Stack Of Boxes


Lady Gaga Flees Home In Face Of Fire, Then Firefighters See Her Coming Back With Stack Of Boxes

“I encourage you all to do one act of kindness”

The fires raging across California have been some of the most devastating in state history. Tragically, over 50 people have lost their lives and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. Many will return to ashes.

In southern California, the Woolsey fire has forced many celebrities to evacuate. Some people have not had much compassion or empathy toward these actors and singers, noting that they have other homes to go to and plenty of money to rebuild.

While this may be true, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our compassion as well.

Despite some of the unkind words, many of these celebrities have turned around and used their resources to help others who are fleeing or fighting the fires.

Lady Gaga was forced to flee her Malibu home as the fires crept closer, but that did not mean she abandoned her community. Instead, the singer and actress has stayed in the Los Angeles area, devoting her time and money to help her fellow evacuees.

On Tuesday – World Kindness Day – she brought a stack of pizza, coffee, and gift cards to one of the many evacuation facilities in Los Angeles and began to pass them out to people in need.

“Today is my favorite day of the year — it’s World Kindness Day,” Lady Gaga said in a video posted to Twitter. “I encourage you all to do one act of kindness, even if it’s for yourself.”

The star also stopped by a Red Cross shelter at Pacific Palisades High school to give food and encouragement to the evacuees and first responders who are working so hard to get the fires out and help those who need it.


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A young Lady stopped by the Palisades shelter to cheer up the residents as took a pic. So much fun! #LadyGaGa

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Knowing the toll evacuating and losing everything can take, Lady Gaga encouraged people affected by the fires to seek emotional and mental health support and urged others to help out financially.

“I am thinking so deeply for everyone who is suffering today from these abominable fires & grieving the loss of their homes or loved ones,” she wrote in a tweet.

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one working to help those affected by the fires. Many celebrities have donated large amounts to various organizations helping those affected by the fire, and celebrity chef Guy Fieri has set up a temporary kitchen to feed firefighters and law enforcement officers.

Are you glad to see celebrities like Lady Gaga helping those in need during these tragic fires? Then share it!

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