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Little Boy Asks Santa For New Kidney, Then Santa Tells Them To ‘Stop Everything’


Little Boy Asks Santa For New Kidney, Then Santa Tells Them To ‘Stop Everything’

“He’s on the kidney transplant list”

What kinds of things did you ask Santa for when you were growing up? Most kids read off lists of the newest toys and gadgets, or maybe even a pony, but little Levi only had one request: a new kidney.

Levi’s mom, Julie Kay Ryff, took him and his two sisters to Bass Pro Shops in Olathe, Kansas, to visit Santa. The three children happily posed on his lap, and then Santa asked them each what they would like for Christmas.

After the two older girls had their turn, Santa turned to Levi. Quiet and shy, Levi just looked up at him silently, so Julie spoke on his behalf.

“He doesn’t talk much, but he’s on the kidney transplant list, so he would like a new kidney for Christmas,” she told Santa.

It was clear Santa was caught off-guard by the request, but he quickly reached for Levi and pulled him close. Then he did something that left Julie in tears.

“Santa then put one arm around Levi and his other hand on his belly and started to pray for Levi,” she said. “It was the most heartfelt, sincere prayer.”

He hugged Levi and set him down, then looked Julie right in the eye and squeezed her hand.

“I walked away crying,” Julie said. “It never ceases to amaze me how God puts people in your path to bless and encourage you when you need it most, and usually it comes in the most unexpected places and ways. I`m thankful for this sweet man tonight.

“Thanks, Santa at Bass Pro Shops.”

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