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Long-Lost Photo Of Prince Philip Reveals Why Queen Has Such A Soft Spot For Prince Harry


Long-Lost Photo Of Prince Philip Reveals Why Queen Has Such A Soft Spot For Prince Harry

‘No wonder the Queen is so fond of Harry!’

We all know grandparents aren’t supposed to have favorites, but it’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth has always had a soft spot for her red-headed grandson, Prince Harry.

While Harry is expected to behave like a royal and fulfill his duties, he has always been able to get away with things his brother, William, and his cousins cannot.

For Christmas, he gave his grandmother a shower cap with the phrase, “Ain’t life a b*tch” emblazoned on the front. Most people would probably be horrified at the thought of giving something like that to their grandmother – let alone the queen! – but reports say Queen Elizabeth loved her present and got a good laugh out of it!

We’ve always wondered what it was about Harry that captured such a special place in the queen’s heart. Was it his cheeky grin? His mischievous spirit? Something else?

Well, a recently discovered magazine may shed a little light on the matter.

Royal photographer Chris Jackson was in France when he discovered a long-forgotten issue of Paris Match with a shockingly familiar face on it.

“Spotted this handsome chap on the front of an ancient copy of Paris Match in deepest, darkest France,” he wrote, “who do you think it is?!”

At first glance, the smiling young gentleman with the ginger beard and twinkle in his eye seems to be Prince Harry, but, of course, the publishing date on the magazine shows this cannot be.

So who is this mystery man?

It’s Prince Philip, the queen’s husband and Harry’s grandfather!

Jackson shared a photo of the uncanny likeness on his Instagram page, and people could not get over how much the handsome young prince looks like his grandfather.

“No wonder the Queen is so fond of Harry,” one commenter wrote. “He reminds her of her husband, Prince Phillip.”

Now the mystery has finally been solved! (With a smile like that, who could resist?!)

Were you surprised by how much Prince Harry looks like Prince Philip? Then share it! 

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