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Man’s Crazy Ex Breaks In With Knife, But Domino’s Pizza Tracker Saves His Life


Man’s Crazy Ex Breaks In With Knife, But Domino’s Pizza Tracker Saves His Life

Domino’s pizza literally saved my life.

Pizza is one of those foods that practically everyone enjoys. Some people love it so much they’ve even written songs about it!

But while many people love pizza, hardly anyone would expect it to save their lives. However, that’s just what happened when this man ordered from Domino’s Pizza one Friday night!

The man shared his crazy story on UHpinions, and it’s a doozy! After what happened, he said he will always order from Domino’s – and he urges others to do the same!

He had been dating a girl for a while but things had gone sour and he had broken it off. He decided to have a relaxing evening at home with pizza, beer, and some TV.

“Around 8pm, I went online to order my pizza,” he said. “I built a modest 2 topping medium pizza, and placed my order. You have to love how far we have come in the delivery pizza world.

“Immediately afterwards, I was introduced to the piece of a software that would save my neck.

“The Pizza Tracker.”

The pizza tracker is a bar that shows you what stage your pizza is at so you know when to expect it. It tells you when your pizza is being made, put in the oven, boxed up, and driven to your door.

The man was sitting on his couch watching the tracker and saw that it was at Stage 2: Prep. Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door.

“For a split second I thought, ‘woh that was fast,’” he said. “I put my order in 10 minutes ago and pizza tracker says it’s still in stage 2.”

But it wasn’t the pizza…

Just as he began to get up to answer the door, it swung open. There was his ex, knife in hand, threatening to do some awful things to him.

As she screamed at him, he glanced at the tracker and noticed it was now at Step 3: Bake.

“She goes on while all I can think is GO JUAN GO!!!! GET THAT S*** IN THE OVEN!” he recalled.

Desperate for some help, he looked for his phone to try to call 911 but realized he had left it in the bedroom. Suddenly, he began to think about what might happen if the pizza delivery driver showed up to this scene.

“I am screwed. I am dead,” he wrote. “The pizza man will get blamed for this! Oh, the poor pizza boy will be wrongfully blamed and get life in prison for what this unstable b**** is going to do to me.”

Soon, he saw the tracker change to Stage 4: Box and then Stage 5: Delivery. The delivery guy, Alejandro, was on his way!

“Knowing that Alejandro is on the way, I try and just keep her talking, but the more she talks the more enraged she gets,” he said. “I try to interrupt, but that just makes things worse.”

The minutes tick slowly by. He thinks that any minute, Alejandro should show up at the door, but after 20 minutes, he begins to get worried.

“SHE IS OFFICIALLY FREAKING THE F*** OUT,” he wrote. “She puts the knife up to her wrist and then takes it away. I am panicking. Where the f*** is Alejandro! Pizza tracker tells me we’re still in stage 5. F*** YOU PIZZA TRACKER , YOU’VE BEEN IN STAGE 5 FOR 25 MINUTES!!!! I will never order from Domino’s again!!! After this thought I immediately think to myself, I will be dead, so I will probably never order another pizza again.”

But then, something happened that he never expected!

“Right then, the cops come in. At gunpoint they calm her down and obtain the knife.”

Unbeknownst to him, Alejandro had shown up with the pizza, but when he saw the door wide open and a woman with a knife in her hands, he went back to his car and called the police.

“Domino’s pizza literally saved my life,” he said. “They should change the name from the pizza tracker to the savior tracker.

“Alejandro is the true definition of a hero,” he continued. “In a way, Alejandro is the 5th ninja turtle. He showed up, accessed the situation, didn’t panic, and saved my a** from the bad guys. Oh yeah, and he brought a f***ing excellent pizza too.”

Were you amazed by the way the Domino’s Pizza Tracker saved this man’s life? Then share it!

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