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Meghan Markle’s Christmas Gift To The Queen Had Her Roaring With Laughter


Meghan Markle’s Christmas Gift To The Queen Had Her Roaring With Laughter

The Queen couldn’t stop laughing!

When you think of the British royal family, the phrase, “Keep a stiff upper lip,” may come to mind. We’re used to the queen and her family being serious and reserved when we see them at formal affairs.

But behind the scenes, the royal family is just like any other family (minus, of course, the whole royal part!). They love to laugh, joke, and tease as much as the rest of us – maybe even more so!

Traditionally, when the family gathers at Sandringham for Christmas, they exchange cheap gag gifts with each other. This tradition makes sense – the royals already have everything they could ever need and don’t need to be giving each other any expensive presents.

Prince Harry hit the mark this Christmas with the cheeky bathing cap he gifted his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The bath hat was emblazoned with the words, “Ain’t life a b***h.”

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While some might be shocked seeing the queen gifted with such a saucy present, the monarch loved the present and reportedly couldn’t stop laughing when she saw it.

But the laughs weren’t reserved only for Harry. It appears his fiancee, Meghan Markle, shares a similar sense of humor (probably one of the things that connected them in the first place).

While it must have been nerve-wracking trying to find the right gift to give the queen on their first Christmas together, Meghan managed to find the perfect thing.

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And just what was this “perfect” gift?

Meghan gave the queen a singing toy hamster!

But it wasn’t just the gift that had Her Majesty in stitches. Her beloved corgis’ reaction to the toy really made the whole room erupt in laughter!

“Meghan bought a little hamster that sings with a little rope for Her Majesty,” revealed one royal insider. “It was so funny, especially when the corgis tried to take hold of the toy.

“[The queen] laughed and said, ‘They can keep my dogs company!’”

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Meghan has done a great job of endearing herself to Harry’s family and she seems to be fitting in quite well already.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry appeared on the BBC’s Today program where he revealed the royals “loved” having Meghan join them for Christmas.

“It was fantastic, she really enjoyed it,” he said. “The family loved having her there.”

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