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Mom Confused When Daughter Asks To Give Present Away, In Tears When She Sees Recipient


Mom Confused When Daughter Asks To Give Present Away, In Tears When She Sees Recipient

“In the midst of opening her gifts…”

As parents, we try to set a good example for our kids to follow, but sometimes it’s hard to know if they are truly “getting it.” We want them to become kind, compassionate, productive members of society, but how do we know for sure if the lessons we are trying to teach them are truly sticking?

Well, one Indianapolis mother doesn’t have to wonder after watching what her 7-year-old daughter, Niyah, did on Christmas morning.

Jamie was watching Niyah open her presents when, all of a sudden, Niyah picked up one of her brand new toys and asked, “Momma can I take this to my friend please I don’t know if she got something or not.”

Caught off-guard, Jamie said yes and followed her daughter outside where she saw that Niyah had already walked up to their neighbor’s house.

According to Jamie, the family next door hadn’t been able to afford to celebrate Christmas this year. Knowing this, Niyah wanted to do what she could to give the little girl something special on Christmas morning.

Jamie captured the sweet moment that Niyah handed over her brand new toy. Her heart was nearly bursting out of her chest as she witnessed Niyah’s kind and compassionate heart firsthand.

People all over the world have been touched by Niyah’s sweet and selfless gesture.

Unfortunately, there are always a few grinches around who want to ruin things. Some tried to say that Jamie posted the pictures to try to get something or get some attention, but the proud mother insists that’s not the case.

“…we don’t need a reward,” she wrote in a follow-up Facebook post. “I just thought it was nice of her to take from herself on Christmas and give to someone.”

Were you touched by Niyah’s kindness toward her neighbor in need? Then share it!

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