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Mom Confused When She Sees Teen With Elderly Woman, Bursts With Pride When He Takes Her Bag


Mom Confused When She Sees Teen With Elderly Woman, Bursts With Pride When He Takes Her Bag

‘To say we are proud is an understatement’

As parents, we do our best to raise our kids right, but sometimes it’s hard to know how effective we’re being. That’s why it’s so nice when we actually get to witness all of that hard work paying off!

Maria Lopez got to see that firsthand when she dropped her 13-year-old stepson, Dashawn, at the mall to meet some friends.

“Dashawn’s father passed away when he was just a little baby and he has been raised by an amazing village comprised of his mother Nicky, grandmother Kiwanis and grandfather Charlie,” Maria explained.

She said the family has always worked to instill the value of respecting and honoring people – especially the elderly – in Dashawn and that he has taken those lessons to heart.

“From the time I met Dashawn, he has always been a very special and kind-hearted child,” Maria said. “Always doing anything he can to help out the less fortunate. And all without being prompted. Needless to say, everyone in his family is extremely proud of him.”

But it’s one thing to see how your child acts in front of you and another to see how he behaves when he doesn’t know you’re watching.

Maria had just dropped Dashawn off and was pulling out of the parking lot when she looked over and saw him talking to an elderly woman. At first, she wasn’t sure what was going on so she hung around to watch, and what Dashawn did next made her so glad she did.

“Next thing I see is the elderly lady handing my son her bag of food and then she motioned for him to get on the other side of her,” Maria said. “That’s when I realized what was happening. I pulled out my phone to take a picture as well as record the events so that his mom and grandparents could see what I witnessed as well.”

Maria drove back around the parking lot so she could film Dashawn’s good deed and tell him how proud she was of him.

“To say we are proud of the young man he is turning into is an understatement,” she wrote in a now-viral Facebook post. “A lady even stopped and complimented him with tears in her eyes.”

(Warning: Language in video may be objectional to some viewers)

Since posting the picture and video, more than four million people have witnessed Dashawn’s kindness and many have written in to share how much it has touched and inspired them.

“And just when i thought… wow, what the heck is wrong with todays youth, this made me completely change my mind!” wrote Crystal Johns. “In my eyes your son is a very BEAUTIFUL soul!💜 god bless this amazing kind young man and his wonderful momma for raising him right!!!!!!”

You raised a fine young man, handsome too,” Sue Green agreed. “We need more like him. Tell him all Mom’s are proud of him and the world should be too.”

“We need so many more young men like him!” Karen George Williams said. “Makes my heart smile!”

Dashawn’s family certainly has much to be proud of in this kindhearted and helpful young man!

“It truly takes a village,” Maria said, “and our village is beyond proud, young man!”

Were you touched by Dashawn’s kindness toward this elderly woman? Then share it! 

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