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Mom Panics When Daughter Gets Trapped In Snowy Ditch, Then Hears Voice Of ‘Guardian Angel’


Mom Panics When Daughter Gets Trapped In Snowy Ditch, Then Hears Voice Of ‘Guardian Angel’

‘I am 100% convinced that it was not a coincidence’

As a parent, you would do anything to make sure your child is safe and healthy. Sometimes, though, it’s out of your hands. In those situations, all you can do is pray.

That’s what Saginaw, Michigan, resident Sandy Wiles Blackman did when she got a terrifying call from her daughter one snowy night.

Sandy was sitting at home watching TV when her phone rang. It was her daughter, Stephanie, calling to tell her that her car had slipped off an icy road and become trapped in a deep, snowy ditch.

Thankfully, Stephanie was unharmed, but she was also trapped inside the vehicle.

“I can’t get out,” Stephanie told Sandy, “there’s too much snow! My windows are frozen shut! I don’t know where I am!”

Stephanie told her mom that she would try to send her location over Facebook messenger, but when the message never came through, Sandy began to get worried. She kept trying to call Stephanie back, but got no answer.

That’s when she began to panic.

Finally, after several tries, Stephanie finally picked up. In the background, Sandy could hear a man’s voice.

Stephanie told Sandy the man had seen her car and come to rescue her. After getting her out of the car, he had taken her to a nearby gas station to warm up.

Sandy was overwhelmed with gratitude for this “guardian angel.”

“I am 100% convinced that it was not a coincidence that he just ‘happened’ to be driving by and see her,” Sandy said. “That ditch was at least 10′-12′ deep and her car is a light silver color, blends in perfectly with the snow at night. God put this man there! And if it wasn’t for him, we might not have found her in time.”

Later on, Sandy learned that there had actually been five men who had come to Stephanie’s rescue.

“Five amazing men stopped that night and saved my daughter,” Sandy wrote in a Facebook post. “I was told that if they hadn’t seen the lights from the car, lighting up the ditch, they would’ve never known she was down there.”

“Thank God they were there!” she added. “These men: Sergeant Randy VanSumeren, Lieutenant Roland Price and Officers Bob Karl, Bill Putnam and John Klapish…all employees of Freeland Correctional Facility…are all heros in my book.”

After her rescue, Stephanie was understandably shaken up and a bit disoriented so she went to the ER to get checked out. Thankfully, besides a sore shoulder, she was okay and able to return home where her mother and young son were very happy to have her back.

“I could never repay what you have done and I am forever grateful to you,” Sandy wrote in a message to her daughter’s “angels.” “Because of all of you, I still have my daughter and my grandson still has his Momma.”

Do you believe guardian angels were looking out for Stephanie that night? Then share it!

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