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Mugger Tries To Rob Her On Street, Then Karma Immediately Hits Him Full Force


Mugger Tries To Rob Her On Street, Then Karma Immediately Hits Him Full Force

Sweet justice!

Sometimes people don’t always get the justice we think they deserve, and other times it takes a long time for someone to reap the consequences of their actions. But for one would-be robber in Brazil, the justice stick hit him immediately – and full-force!

On November 13 in Manaus in northwestern Brazil, 22-year-old Sabrina Leites was standing outside her family home about to open the gate to her sister’s room. As she did so, 18-year-old Magdeel da Silva and an accomplice approached her on a motorcycle and demanded she hand over her cell phone.

Having already lost four cell phones to home invasions, Leites was not ready to give another one up without a fight. She quickly assessed the situation and realized the muggers didn’t have any weapons, so she decided to fight back.

The muggers, who had anticipated an easy score, got spooked and hightailed it out of there. Da Silva’s accomplice managed to escape on the motorcycle, but the teenage robber wasn’t so lucky.

A neighbor who had witnessed the mugging attempt saw da Silva fleeing and ran over him with his car. (If that’s not karma hitting you full-force, I don’t know what is!)

Unfortunately for da Silva, it wasn’t over yet.

You see, while Leites is studying to be a flight attendant, she also has a little side hobby. She has spent four years training in the Brazilian martial art jiu-jitsu.

Leites quickly ran over to where da Silva lay sprawled on the ground and locked him in an armbar. In seconds, the menacing mugger turned into a blubbering mess as Leites held him on the ground, waiting for police to arrive.

“No more, no more,” da Silva cried, but Leites wasn’t about to let up.

Police soon arrived and arrested da Silva. He was charged with attempted robbery.

That’s some sweet justice for you! I bet da Silva will think twice before trying something like this ever again!

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