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New Homeowner Hears Strange Noise In Basement. When He Looks Inside His Heart Drops


New Homeowner Hears Strange Noise In Basement. When He Looks Inside His Heart Drops

‘I’m not sure how long it’s been down there’

It was one of the strangest calls the people at Stray Rescue, an organization “dedicated to (making) St. Louis a compassionate city towards animals,” had ever received:

“I just bought a house and there is a pit bull chained up in the basement,” the man said. “I’m not sure how long it’s been down there.”

Apparently, the man had recently purchased the St. Louis home, but when he went downstairs to check out the basement, he found the dog chained up and desperate to get out.

Not sure if the dog would be aggressive, the man called Stray Rescue to come get her.

As soon as the rescuers opened the door, the dog’s reaction said it all. Her tail wagged as she happily greeted them. She was so excited to be free that she almost choked herself on her chain trying to climb up the stairs!


Source: Dog Found Chained In A Basement Wants Nothing But Cuddles by StrayRescueSTL

After the rescuers had brought her outside, they surveyed the basement to see what kind of condition she had been living in. The area was strewn with junk and trash and there was a lot of feces in the small area the dog had access to on her short chain, leading them to believe she had been left there for a long time.

Despite her terrible treatment at the hands of her former owners, this sweet dog was full of nothing but love and joy. She excitedly jumped all over her rescuers, happy to see the sunshine and be shown some love.

Her rescuers decided to name her Jumping Bean (for obvious reasons). She has a remarkable spirit and they know that once she is ready she will have no problem finding a loving forever home.

It was later discovered that a squatter had been occupying the property and had left behind tons of garbage, as well as this sweet dog, when they left. No one knows why they left the property in such a hurry or why they left the dog behind, but thankfully Jumping Bean will now have the good life she deserves!

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