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Olympic Skater ‘Tap Dances’ Across The Ice, Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet


Olympic Skater ‘Tap Dances’ Across The Ice, Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet

This is so fun!

There is something about figure skating that is just so mesmerizing. Watching the way skaters glide gracefully across the ice and make death-defying leaps look easy is incredible to behold.

But while every performance is impressive, there are some that stand out as truly special.

Robin Cousins is a former British competitive skater. Over the course of his illustrious career he won an Olympic gold medal, three World medals, four British national championships, and the European championship.

But more than just being a good skater, Cousins was known for the “magic” he created in each of his performances. He brought a level of showmanship and creativity that kept the audience in rapt attention.

Of all his memorable performances, there is one that stands above the rest: “Satan Takes A Holiday.” Cousins actually called it his favorite performance.

Cousins created this routine as a pro skater and he left the audience delighted as he showcased the unique performance. His choreography captures the mood of the music perfectly!

One of the things that makes this skate so memorable is the way Cousins melds genres and actually tap dances across the ice! It is truly incredible – and so fun – to watch!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Cousins’ eye-popping signature move!

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