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Pregnant Dog Goes Into Labor, But When She Starts To Give Birth He Almost Drops The Camera


Pregnant Dog Goes Into Labor, But When She Starts To Give Birth He Almost Drops The Camera

He couldn’t believe his eyes!

When Pepijn Werkman found out his 3-year-old mixed American Staffordshire, Diva, was pregnant, he was ecstatic. He couldn’t wait to welcome her puppies into the world.

The next 59 days seemed to fly by as Diva’s belly grew bigger and bigger.

Finally, Diva’s heavy breathing alerted Pepijn that it was time for her to give birth.

As Joey, the 13-year-old shepherd mix who fathered the puppies, waited anxiously nearby, Diva began to deliver her litter.

Pepijn sat with her, ready to lend a hand if she needed it.

When the first puppy started to come out, Diva got a little spooked and tried to sit down. Pepijn held her up so she wouldn’t crush the puppy and helped her safely deliver her first baby.

After the first puppy came out, Diva began to calm down. She settled herself into a more comfortable position so she could deliver the rest of the puppies.

Pepijn watched in awe as the puppies came out one by one, but soon he was in awe about something else: the puppies just kept coming!

American Staffordshires typically have litters of five to 10 puppies. After Diva had delivered five of her puppies, it was clear she wasn’t done. Pepijn helped her deliver number six, seven, eight… they just kept coming!

After 10 puppies had come out, Pepijn thought Diva must surely be done, but she wasn’t!

All in all, Diva gave birth to 13 puppies! Happily, all 13 of them were born alive and healthy.

Pepijn couldn’t believe the miracle he had just witnessed. He watched Diva lovingly as she rested while her 13 babies suckled hungrily.

Over 15 million people have already watched Diva’s incredible birth in awe, but be warned that the video does contain some graphic footage of Diva giving birth:

What a miraculous moment to be able to witness! It is clear Diva trusted Pepijn to help her deliver her babies, and we know she will be a wonderful mom!

Were you amazed to see Diva give birth to her 13 puppies? Then share it!

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