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Princess Charlotte Pulls An ‘Uncle Harry,’ Melts Hearts Everywhere Revealing Mischievous Side


Princess Charlotte Pulls An ‘Uncle Harry,’ Melts Hearts Everywhere Revealing Mischievous Side

She definitely takes after her uncle!

One of the reasons we love Prince Harry so much is his mischievousness. He has proven over and over again that he has a heart of gold, but there is also an impish side to him that has been evident since he was very young.

While future king William always looked stately and serene in pictures, cheeky Harry liked to ham it up in front of the cameras.

Well, it looks like the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree!

As the royal family made their way to Windsor for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, photographers captured an adorable photo of Princess Charlotte making a strikingly similar face to the one Harry is famous for.

Maybe it’s a second child thing. Not being royal firstborns, Harry and Charlotte both have a little more freedom when it comes to their sillier sides.

It’s no secret Princess Diana had a soft spot for Harry’s antics. When Harry stuck his tongue out at photographers while on his way to a school nativity play, Diana was quick to scoop him up away from the cameras, but her amused smile betrayed the fact that she adored her son’s feisty and unpredictable personality.

In many ways, Harry is a lot like his mother – he is energetic, untraditional, compassionate, and mischievous. We know she is looking down on her younger son with lots of pride and love!

Despite her antics on the way to the wedding, Princess Charlotte proved to be the perfect bridesmaid, performing her duties with grace and poise. We’re sure William and Kate were very proud – and relieved – that everything went off without a hitch!

Kensington Palace just released the first official portraits from Harry and Meghan’s wedding, which are noticably more relaxed and joyful than most royal wedding protraits.

In one, Meghan sits in the center while Harry kneels behind her and their bridesmaids and pageboys surround them. Right next to Meghan – actually sitting on her dress and veil – is little Charlotte!

Prince Harry’s sweet and spicy personality clearly won Meghan’s heart. As Charlotte is so much like her uncle, we’re sure the new duchess has a soft spot in her heart for the little princess as well!

We hope neither Harry nor Charlotte ever grow out of their spirited ways! They have helped make the royal family more relatable and down to earth, and we love them for it!

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