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Retired Teacher Buys Coffee For Stranger Short On Cash. Then She Realizes Who It Is


Retired Teacher Buys Coffee For Stranger Short On Cash. Then She Realizes Who It Is

‘I jumped in and said I would pay’

About three years ago, retired teacher Ruth Reed made a pact with herself to treat a stranger at her local Wawa convenience store in Medford, New Jersey, once each week.

“For three years, I have made a resolution to once a week treat someone at Wawa,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “Occasionally it happens more than once a week.”

Ruth has kept her resolution, but recently it was she who was treated to a surprise.

Recently, Ruth was standing in line at Wawa when she noticed the man in front of her was a few dollars short on his purchase. She knew this was her chance!

“This man was short a few dollars,” Ruth recalled. “He asked a lady with him if she had money. I jumped in and said I would pay and explained why.”

The man thanked her and then Ruth asked him his name. He told her his name was Keith, and she responded that he actually looked a lot like country music star Keith Urban.

He said he was.

But even though she had been the one to point out how much he looked like the singer, Ruth didn’t believe it was actually him at first.

“I didn’t believe him,” she wrote. “I asked where Nicole (Kidman, his wife) was and who was the lady. He finally said that I could ask his bodyguard. It was then I realized what an idiot I was.”

It turns out Keith was with his sister on their way to a tour stop in Camden, New Jersey, when they decided to pop into the gas station for a few items.

The amused singer posed for a photo with the still-stunned teacher and thanked her for her generosity.

The photo is now prominently featured on a Facebook page for Medford residents.

“After all,” one commenter wrote, “today you are just as famous as that guy with his arm on your shoulder.”

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