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Royal Family Steps Out For Louis’ Christening. Watchers Notice Something Familiar About His Gown


Royal Family Steps Out For Louis’ Christening. Watchers Notice Something Familiar About His Gown

Royal watchers immediately noticed something familiar about his christening gown

It’s a day royal watchers have eagerly been waiting for – Prince Louis’ christening!

It’s the first time since his birth on April 23, 2018, that the family of five has been seen all together, and people just can’t get enough of this sweet royal family!

As Kate carried little Louis in her arms, eagle-eyed royal watchers noticed something familiar about the gown he was wearing. It is the same gown siblings George and Charlotte wore for their christenings!

In fact, the lace and satin gown is a replica of the historic christening gown first worn by Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter in 1841, which was styled after the wedding dress Victoria had worn to marry Prince Albert the year before.

The christening gown was worn by 62 royal babies (including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William) before it was deemed too fragile for use.

Queen Elizabeth’s assistant, Angela Kelly, designed the new gown along with Buckingham Palace’s team of dressmakers in 2008.

London company Joel & Son Fabrics, which supplies fabric to the Queen and her household, worked with a company in Italy to create the beautiful lace and satin material used for the new gown.

Kelly and one of her colleagues spent several days working out the design of the new gown so it would match the original, wanting to make it as exact a copy as possible.

“It was made from scratch, from sketching it out, to embroidering the lace on a special silk-based tulle,” an insider told PEOPLE.

“It was recreated in exactly the same way. Even though there was modern machinery, they had to go back to doing a lot of it by hand so there was a mix between by hand and machinery.”

Louis’ christening was a big day for the entire royal family, and Prince Harry even had a special gift for his youngest nephew.

It’s been reported that Harry purchased an £8,000 first edition Winnie-the-Pooh for little Louis, one of an original 30,000 printed in 1926.

The book has special significance for Harry, as one of his friends revealed:

“One of Harry’s happiest childhood memories was being read a bedtime story by his mother. She loved all the classics and Harry had the brilliant idea of starting a little library of first editions.”

What a special gift to honor Diana, who we know would have loved to be there to meet her grandchildren and spoil them with lots of love and presents!

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