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Royal Watchers Notice Something Eerily Familiar In Princess Charlotte’s School Pictures


Royal Watchers Notice Something Eerily Familiar In Princess Charlotte’s School Pictures

It didn’t take them long to notice

In January, Princess Charlotte, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, started her first day of school at Willcocks Nursery School. The two-year-old smiled with delight and excitement as she carried her new pink ballerina backpack down the stairs.

Proud mom Catherine snapped pictures of her little lady as she got ready to go off on her new adventure. Ever since she shared the photos, people can’t stop fawning over how adorable this little princess is!

But her cuteness isn’t the only thing that has caught people’s attention.

Since Charlotte was just a little thing, many people have pointed out her resemblance to her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Indeed, the similarities are striking. Charlotte is definitely a Windsor!

Others have noticed she looks very much like her great-great-grandmother, the Queen Mother – perhaps even more so than Queen Elizabeth!

But after these nursery school photos went public, people couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Charlotte and another one of her famous relatives – the late Princess Diana.

“OMG Charlotte looks like Diana,” one commenter wrote.

“She is her grandmother[‘s] twin.. god bless her,” another fan agreed.

Indeed, Charlotte does favor her late grandmother in many ways, and it appears she has inherited Diana’s sweet personality as well.

The little princess seems to have inherited traits from all of these women. What wonderful role models for her to be able to look up to as she grows up and grows into her role in the royal family.

Do you think Charlotte looks more like Diana, Queen Elizabeth, or the Queen Mother? Or is she a combination of all three? Let us know in the comments! 

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