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Rude Boy Mocks Little Girl’s Cancer Scars, But Mom Has The Perfect Response


Rude Boy Mocks Little Girl’s Cancer Scars, But Mom Has The Perfect Response

“Tears formed in her eyes…”

If you ever have the privilege of meeting 8-year-old Claire Rose, you will encounter a strong, smart, outgoing young girl who loves to dance. Her smile can light up a room and her energy is contagious.

You might not even notice the deep scars that run down and across her back, but those scars tell a story of courage, strength, and bravery that would be beyond most adults.


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You see, when Claire was just 4 years old, she was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Over the next year, Claire would undergo 17 rounds of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries, including the removal of four ribs and part of her spinal sheath and a spinal fusion, all in an effort to remove the cancer from her tiny body.

“[S]he would endure more pain and suffering than most adults see in a lifetime,” Claire’s mother, Michelle Russell, said. “She would attend funerals of friends she met and loved, who were lost to the same disease she was fighting.

“She would lose her beautiful head of blonde curls, nearly all of her muscle mass, and her childlike innocence.”


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It was a horrible, exhausting fight, but Claire would come out victorious. Doctors finally declared her in remission.

Now, three years later, it’s hard to imagine this strong, spunky young girl lying in a hospital bed too sick to move. The only outward evidence of her fight are the scars that cut across her back.


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Warrior Princess

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“She is an amazing overcomer,” Michelle said. “In many ways, she has healed. Yet, there is some healing that will never come. Every so often the realization that she is still here, while some children are not, weighs heavy on her brave heart.”

The scars Claire carries are a testament to her strength and all she has overcome, but sometimes even warriors can struggle.

Recently, Michelle was helping Claire get dressed for camp when she gave her a tank top and shorts to put on. She was surprised when Claire asked for a different shirt.

“Why?” Michelle asked her. “You love that one, just put it on, we gotta go.”

Claire’s eyes began to well up with tears.

“A boy at camp…told me I shouldn’t wear shirts that show my scars,” the young girl said. “He said they are scary.”

“For a brief and irrational moment, I debated finding said boy and giving him some scars of his own,” Michelle recalled, before she “quickly realized this boy likely had NO IDEA what this girl has been through.”

“I think what he meant, was that, the thought of what you must have gone through, to get those scars…is scary,” she comforted Claire. “Your scars are beautiful.”

But Claire wasn’t convinced.

“I sat down beside her and pulled her close,” Michelle said.

“You have an incredible story,” she told Claire. “You should be so proud of what you overcame.”

“I just want to be normal,” Claire sobbed.


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But Michelle had the perfect response.

“I want you to think about all the little girls like you that you have met, who are fighting cancer like you did, who will have scars like you,” she told Claire. “Do you want them to cover them up? Hide them?”

“No!!” Claire exclaimed. “I don’t want them to be sad.”

“Did you know that by being proud of your scars, you’re inspiring them to be proud of theirs too?” Michelle asked.

Those were precisely the words Claire needed to hear. With a small smile, she put on the tank top and walked proudly out of the room.

A few days later, Michelle came up with an idea to help Claire’s confidence grow even more. She asked her best friend, who is a photographer, to take some photos of Claire showing her beautiful scars in all their glory.


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“Let’s show Claire, and the world, that being beautiful isn’t about hair, makeup, or clothes. Beauty isn’t perfection,” Michelle said.

“Real beauty, is…raw,” she continued. “Real beauty is a little girl who experienced unthinkable physical and emotional trauma, and came out the other side…stronger, and with a deep appreciation of the fragility that is this life. A little body that was once physically battered by surgeries and chemo, and now dances gracefully. That’s beauty.”

Claire’s scars tell a story – a story of strength and hope and perseverance. That’s not something Michelle ever wants her to be ashamed of.

“I wish no child, or adult, would ever feel the need to cover their scars,” Michelle said. “If they do, I hope they remember that by not covering them, they are inspiring an 8-year-old girl, to embrace her little body that beat cancer.

“Let’s teach our kids that imperfection, is beauty. That bravery, is beauty. That compassion, is beauty.”


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