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She Stops For Dog Shivering In Road, Heart Breaks When She Sees What’s On Her Tags


She Stops For Dog Shivering In Road, Heart Breaks When She Sees What’s On Her Tags

“Please keep me”

Payden Trujillo was driving down the road in Utah when an animal suddenly darted in front of her. Payden slammed on the brakes and thankfully did not hit the animal, but she decided to pull over and make sure it was okay.

It’s a good thing she did. When Payden got out of the car she found a scrawny young dog shivering with fear.

Using a snack, Payden was able to lure the young pup into her car and drove her to her dad’s house. Once there, she planned to contact the dog’s owners, but when she read the tag hanging on her collar, Payden’s heart dropped.

Instead of a name, address, or phone number, the tag just read, “My name is Lilly, if you found me please keep me. My family can’t and I need love.”

Payden’s heart broke knowing Lilly’s owners had completely abandoned her. There were several no-kill shelters in the area, but they decided to leave Lilly to the elements instead of finding her a safe and loving home.

The poor dog had frostbite on her paws and was terrified, but Payden’s sister, Mercedes, decided she would show Lilly the love and care she was lacking in the hope that she could rehabilitate her.

After a few weeks, Lilly was doing much better, but she was still so terrified of being abandoned again that she would tear things up around the house whenever she was left alone.

At the time, Mercedes was living with some friends and they decided it was too much to have Lilly there with her destroying everything. Mercedes and Lilly bounced around between a few places before Mercedes moved onto her university’s campus.

Mercedes got special permission to bring Lilly with her and soon they were both settled in nicely. After a little while, Lilly was no longer afraid to be left alone, but she was still very scared of men.

Mercedes got permission from her mechanical engineering professor to bring Lilly to class, where she would be able to interact with a lot of men on her own terms. Soon, that fear disappeared too.

Two years later, Lilly is a completely different dog from the skinny, scared pup Payden found on the side of the road. She loves to go on outdoor adventures and play with her new sister, a one-year-old Greyhound mix rescue named Ayla.

Though she had a difficult start to life, Lilly finally has a safe home with someone who loves her very much. While our hearts break knowing someone could abandon this sweet dog, we are so glad Lilly and Mercedes found each other!

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