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She’s Confused When She Sees Boys In Pouring Rain. When She Realizes Why Breaks Down In Tears


She’s Confused When She Sees Boys In Pouring Rain. When She Realizes Why Breaks Down In Tears

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Respect for our country and our flag has taken a sharp downturn lately. The pride Americans once had and the lengths they would go to show it have become rarities. That’s why when we see someone still showing respect for their flag and country, we like to recognize and applaud their patriotic efforts.

It was raining buckets at Coppergate Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida, when teacher Kim Miskowski looked out into the courtyard and noticed two young boys standing outside.

At first, she was concerned about them being in the heavy rain and wondered if they might be up to something mischievous, but as soon as she realized what they were doing she began to tear up and quickly grabbed her camera to capture the special moment.

The boys, Nate and Isaac, weren’t up to any mischief at all! Instead, they had braved the rain to take down the school’s American flag.

Nate and Issac serve as the school’s safety patrols and it’s their job to raise and lower the flag each day. According to the rules and etiquette of displaying the American flag, the “flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement.” The boys weren’t going to let some rain stop them from doing their job.

“They were folding the flag reverently. They were reverent. And they were doing 13 folds. And you know, our country is in a little bit of turmoil. It just struck me. When they walked away they held it, cradled it to protect it. And it was just a moment that was meant to be, I think,” Kim said.

Kim shared her photos with the school which was so impressed by the boys’ actions that they posted them on Facebook along with this message:

“This is what RESPECT looks like at Coppergate. Two of our safety patrols, Nate and Isaac, quietly went to the courtyard and completed their flag duty in a driving rainstorm. Not only did they bring the flag down, they also stood in the wind and rain and calmly completed the 13 folds. Then Nate protected the flag as he walked with honor and respect to retire it for the day. We are so proud of Nate and Isaac for their responsibility, respect, devotion to duty, and love of country.”

The photos quickly went viral, even making their way to Florida senator Marco Rubio who sent a representative to meet with the boys and give them each a certificate, a letter, and a flag flown on the United States Capitol Building to thank them for what they had done.

When asked why they had risked the nasty weather to take the flag down, Nate’s answer was simple:

“I feel like it was the respectful thing to do.”

We all have a little good inside us. Share it today!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. William Roberts

    February 8, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    As an old veteran, I appreciate these young men’s sense of duty and honor. I could write an essay on other things we see young people doing, but people already know. I’m sure I speak for thousands of responsible citizens when I say,”I’m proud. THANK YOU,!”

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