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She’s Confused When Pup Jumps In Front Of Her On Road. Then She Sees His Face And Knows


She’s Confused When Pup Jumps In Front Of Her On Road. Then She Sees His Face And Knows

‘This is what a hero looks like’

If anyone ever doubts the loyalty and love of a dog, they need look no further than this incredible story of Todd the Golden Retriever.

Todd’s owner, Paula Godwin, decided to take her dogs for an early morning walk the other day. Arizona pavement heats up pretty quick in the summer, so she wanted to get their walk in before the rising temperatures made it too dangerous.

As they were walking along, though, Todd suddenly jumped in front of Paula. At first, she was confused about why he had done that, but as soon as she saw his face, everything became clear.

Paula had been about to step on a rattlesnake. Seeing that his owner was in danger, Todd quickly leaped to her defense, taking the bite instead.

“My hero of a puppy Todd saved me,” Paula wrote in a Facebook post. “He jumped right in front of my leg were I surely would have got bit. This is what a hero looks like please say a little prayer for my sweet hero.”

Todd’s face began to swell as the venom took effect. Paula rushed to get help, and thankfully Todd is now recovering and is expected to make it through this harrowing ordeal just fine.

“Todd’s doing so well he is a wonder to me how he is healing,” Paula wrote in a Facebook update. “Just a thank you to all the support Your kindness and support is truly a blessing.”

Dogs are truly angels in disguise. What a hero sweet Todd is! We’re sure he’s getting extra love and will be rewarded with lots of yummy treats once he’s feeling better!

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