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She’s Confused When She Sees Man Standing By Road, But When She Realizes Why She’s In Tears


She’s Confused When She Sees Man Standing By Road, But When She Realizes Why She’s In Tears

“His respectful act touched my family so deeply.”

Rona Wallace’s father, Skeeter Wallace, was a Marine and a wonderful man, loved by his family and respected by his community.

“He was an amazing man, father, husband, mentor and friend,” Rona said.

“He loved unconditionally and would give his last dime to someone in need. He had a servants heart and loved helping others. His generosity and kindness, among many other beautiful character traits, always made me proud.”

When he passed away at the end of September after suffering a heart attack, the family gathered together to honor him one last time.

But as the funeral procession – led by the United States Marine Corps – made its way down the road, Rona noticed something that made her stop.

A man had pulled over to the side of the road and gotten out of his truck. He stood next to his vehicle, hat in hand and hand over his heart, as the procession drove past.

Rona was incredibly touched and overwhelmed by the honor and respect this stranger was showing her late father.

“His respectful act touched my family and the entire procession so deeply,” she said. “We passed many other cars along the way that simply went about their day. “

Rona snapped a picture of the man and posted it on her Facebook page, sharing about how touched she was by the man’s kindness.

Soon, she noticed that the man’s license plate was visible in the photo, so she and her daughter did a little digging and discovered that the man’s name is Ernest Boerlin.

Ernest is also a veteran. He served in the U.S. Navy.

Rona quickly contacted Ernest to thank him for what he did that day. His response touched her even more:

“It was an honor to show my respect for a fellow serviceman and their family,” he told her. “Please accept my prayers and condolences to you and your family for your loss. Fair winds and following seas. God bless.”

“Thank you, Ernest,” Rona wrote in a Facebook post. “Your act of kindness and respect touched our family and friends very deeply and we are grateful. May God bless you and yours as well.”

Were you touched by the kindness and respect Ernest showed Rona and her family that day? Then share it!

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