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Singer George Michael Is Still Making Surprise Donations To Charity 2 Years After His Death


Singer George Michael Is Still Making Surprise Donations To Charity 2 Years After His Death

A considerable donation out of the blue

Singer George Michael rose to fame as a member of 80s pop duo Wham! While the tabloids loved covering his sex life and substance abuse struggles, there was one aspect of his life that didn’t receive much publicity: his charity work.

But when Michael passed away two years ago at the age of 53, stories began to pour in from people all over the world about his kindness and generosity when it came to those in need.

ChildLine, a counseling service for children in the U.K., revealed that Michael had donated all of the proceeds from his 1996 song “Jesus to a Child” to them. He donated millions of pounds to them over the years but was “determined” no one outside the charity should ever know just how much he had given.

DJ Mick Brown, who ran an Easter charity drive, said Michael would call in every year at 3:30 p.m. and donate 100,000 pounds.

Richard Osman, the executive producer of Deal or No Deal, recalled when the star gave a contestant 15,000 pounds after he learned she needed money for IVF treatment.

A woman on Twitter said Michael would frequently serve alongside her at a soup kitchen but had asked that she never tell anyone. Another Twitter user recalled a time Michael secretly gave a 25,000-pound check to a stranger at a restaurant who was crying over her debt.

It was clear that the world had lost an incredibly kind and generous soul when Michael passed away. But now, two years later, it has come to light that Michael’s generosity didn’t stop at his death.

Both ChildLine and a Los Angeles AIDS charity have revealed that they are still receiving donations from the singer’s estate.

A source from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, which runs ChildLine, said Michael’s “considerable” donation came “out of the blue” and was “hugely appreciated” by everyone at the organization.

Project Angel Food, which prepares and delivers healthy meals for people impacted by serious illness, revealed that Michael had secretly been their top benefactor in life and that they had received a donation from him after he passed.

“His quiet generosity helped us, year in and year out, and brought so much goodness to thousands of people we serve,” said executive director Richard Ayoub.

There is so much darkness and sadness in our world. George Michael used his life’s work to help those who were suffering and bring a little light to the darkness.

Even in death, his light continues to shine. May we all be a little more like him!

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