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Son Diagnosed With 2 Types Of Cancer, Then Mom Gets Call That Brings Her To Knees


Son Diagnosed With 2 Types Of Cancer, Then Mom Gets Call That Brings Her To Knees

It was the last thing she was expecting to hear.

Cancer is one of the scariest diagnoses you could ever get. Just that one word – cancer – evokes so much pain, fear, and heartache.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer and going through treatments, it always helps to have loved ones by their sides supporting them and giving them strength when they feel like they have none.

Thankfully, Abraham Moreno Edwards and his mom Amanda have each other.

Back in February, Amanda took Abraham (ar Abs for short) to the doctor for what she thought was a cold. Heartbreakingly, the young boy ended up being diagnosed with two completely unrelated types of blood cancer – lymphoblastic leukemia and myeloid leukemia.

They began taking the necessary steps toward getting Abs treated, then came another blow. Just six weeks later, Amanda found a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now Amanda and Abs are both going through chemotherapy treatments.

Amanda says this experience, though frightening, has brought she and her son closer together than ever.

“Abs knows that I know what he’s going through. We have been bonded by it. It is a special bond only me and him know,” she said.

“We are a team,” she added. “We have a joke about both being bald and who looks best. We try to laugh to keep our spirits up. But in truth it is very frightening.

“Our life is on hold and currently revolves around hospital appointments, we live from one to the next. But we just get on with it – we have to. What choice do we have?”

Abs’ bravery, she says, has helped her deal with her own cancer.

“My attitude is my son is extremely ill and fighting for his life – I’ve just got breast cancer,” she said. “I’m very, very positive when it comes to myself because I have seen for myself what these children – my son included – go through. I feel like in comparison I’m not going through a lot. They go through so much more and they do it with a smile on their faces, always happy.”

Amanda is separated from her children’s father and lives with her kids in Spain. Usually, she works as a translator for other expats but is out of work due to her illness.

While she does receive free medical care, she does not get much in the way of benefits, so her best friend, Natalie Hancock, is raising money to help the family get by during this difficult time. Twenty percent of the money raised will go to the volunteers at Abs’ oncology ward who provide books and toys for the children. Natalie also hopes to send the family to Euro Disney when they are better.

The weeks, months, and years ahead may be uncertain and frightening, but Abs and Amanda know there are many people all over the world supporting them.

More than that, they have each other.

Are you glad Amanda and Abs have each other to lean on as they fight cancer together? Share it! 

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