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Teen With Down Syndrome Surprised With Disney Trip – Response Is Melting Millions Of Hearts


Teen With Down Syndrome Surprised With Disney Trip – Response Is Melting Millions Of Hearts

“I’m taking you to Disney! Today!”

Alethea Jo describes herself as a “Special needs parent, runner, writer, deep thinker, introvert, dog lover, gardener, wannabe homesteader, and all around badass.”

Her son, Alex, has Down Syndrome and Alethea has become an advocate for him and others with special needs.

Now 16 years old, Alethea writes that Alex “has hairy legs and armpits, a deep voice, and is almost my height. As any mother does, I still think he’s the most spectacular child in the world, and as cute as ever. However, when you add in significant speech and social skills delays, compounded by the already interesting early teen phase, he often doesn’t get the warm public reception he once did.”

Being the parent of a child with special needs can be difficult, but Alethea wants the world to see him the same way she does.

“[A]s Alex’s mom, I want to tell you that he is the most thoughtful young man I know,” she writes. “Every single day he asks me how my day was, and even actually listens to my answer. He loves nothing more than cooking, except eating, and will cheerfully lend a hand to anyone who asks.”

Recently, Alethea decided to surprise Alex with a trip to Disney World. She knew he would be excited, so she decided to film him when she broke the news, but she never could have expected that his sweet response would go on to touch millions of hearts around the globe!

See the sweet moment for yourself below:

We know Alex and his family are having the most amazing time at Disney World! We wish them all the best as they make sweet memories that will stay with them for years to come!

Did you love watching Alex’s sweet reaction to the big surprise as much as we did? Then share it! 

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