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Terrified Calf Escapes Slaughterhouse. Rescuer Amazed When She Sees Who Found Her In Forest


Terrified Calf Escapes Slaughterhouse. Rescuer Amazed When She Sees Who Found Her In Forest

The calf fled when she heard her family’s cries

There is a lot we humans could learn from animals.

Take, for instance, the story of Bonnie the cow.

Bonnie was only four months old and living on a farm in Holland, New York, when something happened that shook her world.

The farm she lived on raised cattle for slaughter. When several of the members of Bonnie’s herd were being rounded up to go to the slaughterhouse, their cries frightened Bonnie and she knew she had to get away or experience a similar fate.

While her owner was busy loading the trailer, Bonnie escaped and ran off into the nearby forest.

News of Bonnie’s mad escape quickly spread throughout the neighborhood. People wandering through the woods would catch glimpses of the frightened calf through the trees, but no one was able to get close enough to catch her.

Months passed and people wondered how the young calf had been able to survive so long on her own, especially during the harsh winter. Soon, though, they would discover Bonnie wasn’t actually alone…

Cameras that had been set up in the woods by hunters started catching images of Bonnie. When people saw the photos of the little calf they couldn’t believe their eyes – she was surrounded by a herd of deer!

For some reason, the deer had accepted Bonnie as part of their herd – even though they were different species – and had been helping her survive.

While Bonnie was doing okay for the moment, animal-lover Becky Bartels knew she only had so much time left. Bonnie was a domesticated animal and would not be able to survive the worst of the cruel northeastern winter.

Bonnie had set up a camera on her property and knew Bonnie and the deer spent a lot of time in the woods on her land. She decided to try to approach the cow.

Every day, Becky would load up a sled with food and bedding for Bonnie and pull it through the snow into the woods, trying to get close to the calf.

At first, Bonnie would run away in fear, but eventually, she began to warm up to Becky. She would even approach her for pets and snacks.

Around that same time, Becky began to hear some of the neighboring hunters threaten to kill Bonnie if she wandered onto their property. Becky knew she couldn’t let that happen, so she reached out to Farm Sanctuary for help.

Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit that rescues and cares for abused, neglected, and abandoned farm animals. They provide a loving home where the animals receive care and live out a peaceful existence.

Farm Sanctuary sent out a rescue crew to get Bonnie out of the woods and move her to a new home where she would be safe and warm. It took a few tries, but eventually they were able to catch Bonnie and take her to Farm Sanctuary.

Amazingly, Bonnie survived in the woods with her deer family for eight months. While we’re sure she misses the herd, she is adjusting well to life at her new home and making lots of new friends!

Now Bonnie will never have to face the terror of being taken to a slaughterhouse. At Farm Sanctuary she is showered with love and affection and she never has to live in fear again.

If you would like to learn more about the way Farm Sanctuary helps Bonnie and other animals like her, you can visit their website.

Are you happy Bonnie is finally in a new home where she is being loved and cared for? Then share it! 

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