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Thug Steals Car Then Sees 12-Yr-Old In Backseat. His Next Move Leaves Even The Cops Floored


Thug Steals Car Then Sees 12-Yr-Old In Backseat. His Next Move Leaves Even The Cops Floored

They had never seen anything like it

It’s not typical to see a criminal with a conscious, but that’s exactly what some stunned cops experienced when they went after a carjacker in Salt Lake City, Utah.

One mom learned the hard way that you can never be too careful when it comes to your children’s’ safety. She had to run into a Microtel lobby real fast and left her 12-year-old son sitting in the backseat with the car running.

In the brief amount of time it took her to run in and out, though, a carjacker – 23-year-old Francisco Esmerado – jumped into the driver’s seat and took off.

The panicked mom called the police who immediately gave chase, but what Esmerado did next left them all speechless.

Police believe Esmerado was unaware a child was in the backseat when he first took the car because, a short time later, he flagged down an officer to turn himself in.

“As Esmerado was entering the I-80 Freeway eastbound, he observed an officer and promptly flagged him down to report he had just stolen the vehicle,” police said.

Apparently, he had no problem stealing a car, but he didn’t want to add kidnapping to his list of crimes!

Thankfully, Esmerado decided to do the right thing and this frightened young boy and his mother were soon reunited. We’re sure this mom won’t leave her son unattended ever again!

What a frightening ordeal to have to endure, but we’re glad it has a happy ending. Hopefully, this story will serve as a reminder to other parents to be extra cautious when it comes to their children’s safety.

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