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She Watches Elderly Man Struggle To Reach Counter. What Waitress Does Next Leaves Her In Tears


She Watches Elderly Man Struggle To Reach Counter. What Waitress Does Next Leaves Her In Tears

‘I’m thankful to have seen this’

When we look around the world today and see all of the craziness, pain, and heartache, it can be hard to imagine that any good is left. But often we just need to look for the small acts of kindness and compassion that happen all around us – they’re not as uncommon as you might think!

Laura Wolf discovered this firsthand when she was having breakfast at a Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, recently.

She noticed an elderly man come in and sit down at the counter. He was dragging an oxygen tank behind him.

As Laura watched, one of the waitresses walked over to the man. Laura overheard him tell the waitress that his hands didn’t work “too good.”

“Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting up his ham,” Laura said.

Laura was touched by the young woman’s kindness.

“This may seem small but to him, I’m sure it was huge,” she said.

Laura posted a photo of the sweet act on her Facebook page where it quickly went viral. Soon, the waitress was identified as 18-year-old Evoni Williams.

When Evoni realized she had reached viral internet fame, she was stunned. She didn’t even realize anyone was watching her when she cut up the man’s food.

“I didn’t know the photo was taken until a couple hours later,” she said. “When I saw it, it’s just something I would do for anybody.”

Laura later got a picture with Evoni and shared how much it meant to her to witness her simple act of kindness and compassion.

“I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative,” she said. “If we could all be like this waitress & take time to offer a helping hand…”

Were you touched by Evoni’s act of kindness toward this elderly man? Then share it!

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