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Woman Notices Dog Acting Strange At Airport. Passengers Witness Once-In-A-Lifetime Miracle


Woman Notices Dog Acting Strange At Airport. Passengers Witness Once-In-A-Lifetime Miracle

‘I’ve never seen anything like this’

Passengers were in for a very cute surprise at the Tampa International Airport recently!

Diane Van Atter was traveling home to Philadelphia with her two service dogs, Nugget and Ellie (who is still in training). The dogs help her with pain and mobility issues.

As they were waiting at the gate, Diane noticed Ellie was acting a little strange. Soon, she realized – with shock and surprise – what was going on.

Diane knew Ellie was pregnant, but she thought they still had some time before she would give birth. Sure enough, though, Ellie was going into labor right in the middle of the concourse!

As soon as the other passengers saw what was happening, they gathered around to watch. One woman, a nurse, jumped in to help, and soon some Tampa Fire Rescue paramedics were also on the scene to assist.

By the end, Ellie had delivered eight healthy little puppies – one female and seven males.

At least one of them has been named for one of the paramedics who helped that day.

“Number two is Larry,” paramedic Larry Glanton proudly declared.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in an airport, or otherwise,” said airport spokeswoman Emily Nipps.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Ellie may have gone into labor early due to the “excitement” of the airport environment. Thankfully, she gave birth when paramedics were able to assist, instead of while she was on the plane!

Diane and the dogs will stay in Florida for a little while to allow the mom and puppies some much-needed rest. Once they are recovered, she plans to drive back to Philadelphia with the litter.

Are you happy for Ellie and Nugget and their new family? Then share it! 

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