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Young Hero Makes Ultimate Sacrifice For 5-Yr-Old Swept Away By Raging River


Young Hero Makes Ultimate Sacrifice For 5-Yr-Old Swept Away By Raging River

‘A hero to all of us forever’

The word “hero” is often thrown around too loosely these days, used to refer to sports idols or celebrities. But in the case of Victor Mosqueda, the word doesn’t even begin to do him justice.

The 22-year-old aspiring musician, described by family and friends as kind-hearted and selfless, was on a trip to Sequoia National Park with some family friends when the fun day suddenly turned tragic.

As they walked by the raging Kaweah River, 5-year-old Vincent Gonzalez fell in and began to drown.

Without a thought to his own safety, Victor jumped in after the flailing young boy – even though he didn’t know how to swim. The current kept pulling them under, but somehow Victor managed to lift Vincent above the water just enough for the young boy’s father to be able to grab him and drag him to safety.

Sadly, Victor was not able to escape the raging current. His body was found hours later downstream.

Victor’s sister, Maria, set up a GoFundMe account to help cover funeral costs. She described the harrowing ordeal and lauded her brother’s heroism.

“Some how Victor kept pulling Vincent up so he could breathe,” she wrote. “He never let go of him even when they went down under the turrets a few times. The last effort he did was to throw Vincent out of the strong turret so that his father could grab him.

“We have no idea how he managed to not let go of Vincent to save his own life. He pushed him out right before the current took him.”

Some nearby fishermen helped Vincent’s father resuscitate his son by performing CPR. The young boy was then flown to a nearby hospital where he was treated in the ICU.

Vincent was in critical condition and unresponsive for four hours, but he miraculously woke up and was released from the hospital on Monday, at which point he made his way to Los Angeles to mourn his hero’s death.

Maria’s GoFundMe page has already raised more than twice her original goal of $25,000 in just four days. Funeral plans are still pending.

“He is Vincent’s Angel and a hero to all of us forever,” Maria wrote. “We will forever be grateful for his courage, bravery and unselfish act. We will always miss you Victor and you will always live in our hearts.”

Do you agree that Victor is a true hero? Then share his story! 

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